Rooted in pre-Columbian Iconography, Cabalerro's work is characterised by an unceasing struggle between Figurative and Abstract together with the obsessive study of pre-Columbian textiles particularly those from the Paracas and Chancay culture. Each composition is framed within one or more rectangles using planes that overlap in message about timelessness, history and reality.

Selected Solo & Group Exhibits: Pumapungo Museum, Cuenca, Equator - The Millennium Art Museum, Beijing, China - Academy of Fine Arts New Zealand Festival , New Zealand - International Biennial of Paintings, Camberra, Australia - National Museum of Historic, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Museum Der Stadt de Linz, Austria



The world shown by the painter is a magic one, emerging from his sensitive soul, full of ancient remembrances. Cabellero’s main motivation is the ancient Paracas culture. Three thousand years ago, the Paracas wrapped their dead in the finest cloth. Everyone made the trip to the supernatural world “in style”. Caballero revisits Paracas culture through the use of cloth in fragmented form throughout his paintings. Recalling Peru’s distinctive textile art, Caballero’s paintings interweave historical and cultural identity. Symbols belonging to the Paracas’ iconography appear in Cabellero’s fine work: sea, fauna, garments, textiles, dolls, bags and ropes.