Ramon Diaz creates images of powerful and vibrant Nishikigoi or Lucky Carp through his detailed and textured mixed media on canvas works. These paintings are of a quality that one might expect the colored carp to flip out of the canvas and into the air before splashing once again into the work and swim towards its depths.

Selected solo & group exhibits: Galleria Duemila, Pasay City, Philippines - SAB Salon Animialier Bruxelles, First & Second Editions, Beligium - Ayala Museum, Makati City, Philippines -  The Provenence Art Gallery, Manila, Philippines - Steuben Glass Gallery,  New York, USA - Anagama Gallery, Versailles, France - 



Passionate about his subjects, Ramon Diaz imbues his paintings with one unique and important factor, life. Invigorating colors, graceful movement and strong texture create an affirmative aura. When asked about his love for marine life, the artist replies: “The search for energy and tranquillity is a daily habit, perhaps consciously sought or perhaps it is an inspiration taken from your surroundings. I try to make my works in such a way that when a viewer enters the room, he will be drawn to the life and energy of the Nishikigoi and feel revitalised..."