GLADYS - (1923 - 1987)


Gladys Regier initially pursued a career in theater. In the 60s, she became one of the first female directors in the American theatre and was recognized as one the founders  of the New York Shakespeare Festival in Central Park. 

She began to work as a visual artist in 1970’s and was soon exhibiting at the New School of Social Research, the Women’s Interart center and in various group shows in New York. Her work was also known at the Hilliard Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard and the Ankrum Gallery in Los Angeles.

Among the many private collectors of Gladys' work are Paul Roebling, James Earl Jones.  O.K. Harris Gallery in New York characterized her as an “Abstract Expressionist in the American tradition.”


Gladys lived in California from 1971 to 1974 and worked with Arthur Janov, the person credited with developing Primal Therapy. Primal painting is a simple yet profound way of allowing your deepest self to express all the colors of your life, including all of the light and dark shades of your spiritual journey. Drawing and painting allow to gain a deeper understanding of traumatic experience as sensory experiences imprint more vividly into consciousness and often have no words. The Primal Therapy experience is very much reflected in the work created by Gladys.

“… There is no need for you to have any special talent for painting, the creative playfulness and spontaneity can be a great tool. As you reclaim your innocence and freedom from knowledge, preconceived ideas, and attitudes, so that your creativity and self-expression can flow more freely. Connecting to your body as a doorway to meet the creativity you have deep within yourself…

“… there is no end to the expression of this ongoing, ever-changing Mystery. All the artist needs to do is empty the mind, be open, and say “YES” to the abundance existence is offering.” (“ReAwakening of Art” by Meera)

“Creativity is the fragrance of individual freedom” …” Osho 

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