His work shows an impressive mastery of metaphorical and allegorical subjects, displaying both his dry humor and his bold approach to the figure in his vigorous and expressive work. Ernst Neizvestny, a renowned artist and philosopher, said, "Gubin's work occupies a unique place in which there is synthesis of freedom of expression and feelings and true artistic professionalism."



"ONE MAN'S TRASH IS GUBIN'S TREASURE Imagine a gigantic caterpillar processing tons of wooden waste as it slithers through the streets of the big apple. A bug as ravenous as the imagination of Mikhail Gubin, the artist behind a collection of visionary sculptures".

Raúl Pérez Fernández, sculptor. Montevideo, Uruguay

"Gubin's sculptures are surprisingly small and intimate in stature, and although they are unassuming in both scale and materials, they somehow achieve a sense of the monumental. Art historical references are woven through the three dimensional compositions - cubism, art brut, art poveda, and more. But these references are assimilated knowingly, and transformed through the obsessive work of the artist's hands into original and personal works. Employing a collage aesthetic, and applying it to time-honored sculptural precepts, the artist removes the bombast from a more typical approach to modernist sculpture and substitutes humility, humor, and in the process, humanity."

Dan Addington, Visual Overture Magazine, Winter issue. 2010

The sculptures are Gubin’s three-dimensional expansions of his two-dimensional canvases. Here the artist pays homage to Pablo Picasso’s practice of making sculptures from used objects. Chiseled wooden pieces are glued together to form elaborate constructions that move between recognizable forms and abstract shapes. These sculptures charge the viewer’s imagination with innumerable possibilities. Central to the artist’s practice is the fact that the material embodies a kind of mythic power energized through its manipulation and placement. Immobile, wooden configurations take on movement and gesture and beckon us to a new world. It is this ability to recycle trash from dumpsters and give life to new contours that imbues Gubin’s work with a sense of gravity and import".

Bansie Vasvani. The Queens Museum of Art 2013

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