Born in the French region of Brittany, Christine Robion has always been a painter. She has also been interested in photography, which she studied in Germany. Living both in Paris and abroad, Christine has worked in highly varied environments for years that in subtle ways have influenced her work and allowed it to develop and be affirmed by the rhythm of places. From Berlin, where she exhibited for the first time in 1978 to Guadeloupe to Paris where she lives now, Christine's path has also taken her to Cameroon, Cyprus, Greece and Burkina Faso. In each of these countries, she has worked and exhibited, all the while focusing on a style and perfecting a technique linked inseparably to a narrative project.



There is a constant struggle against wear and tear, against forgetting, against nothingness, a demonstration, without intention but persistent, that the past is in the present, even when it is only visible through a chance word or in several characters saved from a fragmented text whose importance no longer remains, save through the vague memory of a former narrative.


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