His work shows an impressive mastery of metaphorical and allegorical subjects, displaying both his dry humor and his bold approach to the figure in his vigorous and expressive work. Ernst Neizvestny, a renowned artist and philosopher, said, "Gubin's work occupies a unique place in which there is synthesis of freedom of expression and feelings and true artistic professionalism."



For some time now, while working on my paintings, I’ve been striving for a maximum emotional liberation, for an energetic, expressive art. Mixing paint right on the canvas, I’ve been creating paste like textural painting; trying to bring element of unexpectedness and incompleteness. When working on a painting, I direct the main focus toward color and texture. This creation occurs when I reach the level of the highest emotion and absolute freedom of self-expression. The uniqueness of this process creates the uniqueness of the work itself.

"Gubin really knows how to move paint around: his backgrounds are filled with beautifully scumbled, delicately colored shapes reminiscent of Diebenkorn and de Kooning in their autographic authenticity. Collaged elements are handled with masterly aplomb"

Michael Salcman, RADARFOUR, Baltimore Arts & Culture, Issue 4 2003

"What we see on the walls are his cut and pasted abstract artworks on canvas that evoke the density of the city. The stitched fabric with paint offers an intriguing tactility calling attention to the texture of the work, its bright palette, and the poetry of composition. Gubin’s two-dimensional black and white works on paper emanate from myriad geometric drawings that are cut out and carefully reassembled. Part Cubist, part Surrealist, these images are best described by the artist as “Similar to the action of our memory– from fragments we reconstruct the past.”

Bansie Vasvani. The Queens Museum of Art  2013


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