My interest for abstract photography started by chance with a blurry picture, Paris under the snow, a so called 'missed' shot... The lack of light, slow speed and the "trembling" had created this blur that, in my opinion, uplifted the landscape. The image was halfway between photography and painting, between reality and dream giving the landscape a new, more artistic dimension. By chance I had created an impressionist effect, and I wanted to reproduce it again...


One evening on my way home to the suburbs of Paris, I took a series of photos from a bridge overlooking the "périphérique" (a sinister beltway around Paris) and I realized that I could create abstract shapes using the slow speed shooting technique. I was able to "sculpt" the light and draw figures that evoked musical notes ... My technique has evolved from impressionism to a decidedly expressionist perspective. Since then I returned many times at nightfall to that soulless beltway. Each shooting session was an opportunity to create new musical and luminous figures in a complete breakout with the murky world of that expressway, an unavoidable route for all stressed Parisians.


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