URSULA STERNBERG (1925 - 2000)

Ursula was a fundamentally upbeat spirit. She prevailed in impossible circumstances to reach levels of self actualization that few people ever reach.  She challenged current art world trends.  She was one of those people who didn’t simply enter a room; she consumed it and its inhabitants with her eyes, taking in every inch, then filling it with anticipation of what would come next. 

Ursula shied away from being called a Philadelphia Artist, an American, a European Artist, or a Woman Artist.  To her, she was "An Artist".

Ursula inspired and continues to inspire many who knew her.  Hopefully these pages will share her work with a NEW AUDIENCE, perhaps even leading to new discoveries, new methods and new secrets. 



Selection of nudes from over the course of many years, the works spanning an array of sizes, from tiny notebooks to newspaper size.

Of all Ursula’s themes and variations, women, in all their moods and attire, are a consistent element.  Ursula’s strong introspective, playful, bold characters are silent witnesses to countless unfolding dramas, intrigue, and tantalizing situations that continue to captivate.

These women exist “Between Two Worlds”, in a twilight zone between jadedness and innocence.

Aurélie Aujard, Art Historian: “During her entire life as an artist, Ursula had a strong focus on life forms, whether during her travels or in studio sessions with models. Her work on nudes derives from the traditional artistic approach to anatomical study in place since the Renaissance… The result of those sessions shows her mastery of drawing, which she often enhanced through color: her use of watercolor and lavis made her works all more sensual, both in their depiction of form as in their overall ambiance. Ursula often mixed different techniques and media, experimenting with collages, adding text and trying different methods."


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