Attracted by the image since always, whether it is fixed or moving, painted, drawn or captured through a lens, I was for a long time this child too close to his screen, forgetting the world around him. 

Today, self-taught photographer and curious to learn, this irresistible attraction still persists, with more distance, if only to protect my eyesight.

What attracts me the most in the image, in the pictures, are the stories they tell and also those they do not tell.  The images that seem obvious to read, but also those that let the imagination wander, offering the viewer the opportunity to appropriate them, to reinterpret them.  Through my pictures, I offer you a story and invite you to bring it to life with your own eyes, your experiences, your stories.  Unlike a film, a photograph has no beginning, no middle and no end. The moment it describes, if it inspires you, allows you to decide its before and after.  It is you who choos


The photographic project “I dreamed of Earth” addresses the link between man and his Habitat, the Earth. “Welcome to Earth” is the First Chapter. The project takes us across the globe and brings together many subjects of our time such as our relationship with the Planet, our place within Nature minimal within its immensity and often maximum in its impact. It also echoes the feeling of isolation and solitude experienced during the multiple waves of confinement. Started in 2015 the project highlights the earth’s beauty through the presence of the “Earthonaut”. His costume, his suit, symbol of space conquest, evokes great discoveries. Thanks to this symbolic character, I propose a poetic and positive reading of the respect of our terrestrial habitat. And even if the photograph is marked by its presence, the Earth remains the main protagonist of this series.

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