Noël PASQUIER is an artist of great variety and freedom."I want to share" - this inscription on the door of his Parisian studio indicates his artistic engagement. Whatever the medium: from a tiny piece of lacy paper to huge canvases. The objective is met when the audience discovers, contemplates and perhaps touches the work. 



Painting is made of dualities, which are both antagonistic and connivent: the light and shade, closeness and remoteness, inside and outside… Pasquier’s works are like that, with a dialogue between the sky and the water for instance, or the sea and the sand (it is the name of a tapestry made in 1994) or the leaves and the sun. In that way, the artist comes very naturally within the quattrocentist tradition: the masters had invented a system based on the alliance/opposition between the sacred and the profane, clarity and mystery, the flesh and the spirit… He comes within it with modern means: there is no need to be an expert to recognize in his work in particular the legacy of lyrical abstraction and abstract landscaping.


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